Top 10 cozy cafes in Kiev

Guide to coffee shops with a cozy atmosphere. We learned from residents of the city what for they choose these places. Find details in our selection. UTB recommends!

Espresso Bar "Cup", st. Velyka Vasylkivska, 1-2/3

The "cup" can be accessed not only to drink coffee, but also to stay for breakfast or lunch. The menu consists of sandwiches, salads, cream soups and desserts. Coffee card is for every taste. Part of drinks is prepared by US special techniques.

"We come here for breakfast several times a week. We feel cozy and comfortable on the couch. For a while we lived abroad. We like European format of the "Cup". The special atmosphere is created by the music and guys who work here". Marina and Eve, guests of ''Cup'' espresso bar.

«ONE LOVE Espresso Bar», st. Velyka Vasylkivska, 100

«ONE LOVE espresso bar» - has an extraordinary interior, books on classical and contemporary art, a professional team of baristas. Besides espresso, cappuccino and latte,  coffee here is prepared by alternative methods. Try kemeks, aeropress, purover, koldbryu, Frette, Kalita.

"Despite the fact that I live far away, I come here several times a week. It is convenient and easy to conctntrate on work here. I like the cozy tables for one. For such feel comfortable. And there are many interesting books". Sasha, guest of «ONE LOVE Espresso Bar».

Coffee «Come & Stay», st. Velyka Vasylkivska, 23v

«Come & Stay» is located in a secluded courtyard close to the metro station "Ploshca Lva Tolstogo. The coffee classics and alternative fruit teas are prepared here. Among food desserts, granola and quiches are offered. There is a bit of space in the place, but everything is done so that it was convenient to stay longer.

"I come here a few times a month. There is tasty and easy. Every time I hope to get free "soft window sill". It is the perfect place to read a book or do some work. " Daniel, guest of «Come & Stay».

Coffeeshop «The Blue Cup Coffee Shop» », st. Pushkinskaya, 5

«The Blue Cup Coffee Shop» captivates from the first minutes by its the interior. Bright blue utensils, cute moose prints on the wall, soft chairs and sofas. In addition to classic drinks, you should try lavender and basil cappuccino and rooibos. Sweet and hearty treats are offered in addition to coffee.

"I go here often. There is good coffee and convenient work space. I always choose a table at the end of the hall. It is comfortable here, no one interferes, and the plug is nearby. " Anna, guest of «The Blue Cup Coffee Shop».

«London» Coffee House, st. Verkhniy Val, 18

In «London» classic espresso, cocoa, latte are served. Here you can find an alternative which is made due to purovera, kemeksa, frette, aeropressa and siphon. The menu also has alcoholic drinks. In addition to the favorite drink different desserts are also offered.

► "Very often guests choose a table by the window, where you can sit on the windowsill. Here couples or guests with children like to rest. For our team this area seems to be one of the most comfortable. " Daria, a waiter of «London» coffee house.

Cafe "Coffee Jazz Bar», st. Nyzhniy Val, 15

Coffee house on Podol, which serves coffee, desserts and good spirits. In the morning you go for a cup of cappuccino and éclair, in the evening - tasting wine or whiskey. Jazz became a musical accompaniment in this place. Soon they plan to organize live music during the evenings.

"We are here for the first time, but will come back again and again. There is awesome music, delicious coffee and a pleasant interior. A table by the window seemed the most comfortable for us. We came here on a date, and it was cool. " Masha and Nikita, guests of "Coffee Jazz Bar".

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Coffee house «First Point», st. Yaroslavskaya, 14/20

"First Point" is located nearby the cinema "Zhovten". Location is perfect to work during the day or enjoy a coffee with friends in the evening. Here you can buy coffee beans and accessories for the preparation of a drink.

► "I first came here about a year ago and since then I keep coming almost every day. Here is the physical address of my office. I love this place for a special atmosphere. Happy concentrated work, good relax with friends in the evening. And here the most delicious cheesecake in town is prepared". Vladislav, guest of «First Point».

«Coffee in Action», st. Nyzhniy Val, 51

«Coffee in Action» is located in the business center «Domino». The atmosphere here is chamber. The peculiarity of coffee house - is coffee in Copper Cezve, cooked in the sand. Makarons, brownies and other sweets are offered here.

► "Most of the guests during the day - are office workers. In the evenings, many people come from the outside, especially to our coffee house. Normally people choose a table by the window. So it is comfortable to talk with the barista, if a guest came alone". Alexander, barista of «Coffee in Action».

«Cup&Cake», st. Velyka Vasylkivska, 57/3

A cozy coffee shop near the metro station "Olympiyska" with a large selection of cupcakes and desserts. You order the classic coffee drinks, tea, smoothies here. Be sure to try a great cup of cocoa with marshmelou.

► "I like to come here in the morning and start my day with coffee and dessert. The guys who work here are always positive. I have been here very often and my spouse is working close to the coffee house. Selection of table is always the same - the first at the window. " Sofia, guest of «Cup&Cake».

Coffeehouse "Turk", st. Gonchara, 32 a

The "Turk" on Gonchara street serves classic coffee drinks, and an alternative to coffee Cezve. It includes about 150 kinds of tea. In the menu you can find cheesecakes, croissants, pancakes and other desserts.

► "The atmosphere has both work and chat mood. I like a small cozy room. There are no crowds. When you want you can retire, I choose the far room on three tables. My favorite place is in front of a window overlooking the street". Eugene, guest of "Turk".

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