Odessa restaurant and pub in Kiev!

Odessa's intelligent restaurant and pub, where you can find crabs, mussels, Black Sea fish, good soup, Odessa appetizer and meat. The place has such lovely and cosy name — "Lyubchyk" which means darling, nice...I have recently visited the place and would like to describe my experience!

The restaurant was actually opened recently in the old center of Kiev. It is included into "Dima Borisov gastrofamily». It was first opened in Odessa, but right now will also try to satisfy the taste of Ukrainian gourmets. 
As you might remember, in summer I also visited one of Dima Borisov's restaurants of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.


The place is located in old downtown, on Vosdvyzhenska street, 10. If you just follow navigator, it will take you directly to the place, where you will see the label of the restaurant itself. And when you come in — get ready to catch sincere smiles of staff and waiters, who will take care of your stay during the whole dining ;-)
This how it looks like from inside: bright and stylish with some vintage 
Walls, ceilings, bathrooms are well decorated and these small interior things make your stay much comfortable.

Fish on the wall
This is a representation of aquarium on the wall :)


"Lyubchik" menu is great, and because it issued immediately in the form of colored mini-magazine. Its dishes are mainly made for companies and are titled as "Crayfish, tarelі and Kazanka". There is cold meat (259 UAH) and cold fish dish (219 UAH), hot fish (398 UAH), cheese (219 UAH) and vegetable dish (98 UAH).

Here is the variety of crayfish menu:

  • boiled crayfish in a cauldron (1 kg - 295 UAH)
  • fried crayfish (249 UAH)
  • boiled crayfish in milk (289 UAH)
  • boiled crayfish with sausages, baked potatoes, corn and caramel carrots (289 UAH)
  • baked crayfish with cream and tomatoes, in the company of seasoned Odessa cheese and french fries (289 UAH).

    For lovers of mussels there is cauldrons with 1 kilo and half a kilo (UAH 129/229), wine and tomatoes.
    Finally, for those who prefer to mix - a saute with Rapanu, mussels, crabs and shrimp of the Black Sea (295 UAH).

Another feature is — appetizers:

  • familiar sandwiches of Borodino bread, lightly fried, served with salted anchovy (59 UAH),
  • roasted peppers and cheese (59 UAH)
  • tomatoes and basil (49 UAH)
  • smoked roast beef and pickles (69 UAH)
  •  Black Sea shrimp sandwiche (69 UAH), with fried mackerel (69 UAH) and herring (69 UAH).


Crayfish with beer - what a great combination, because in the "Lyubchik" has a good choice of beer.

  • Kraft is represented by three species of Kiev, Zaporozhye and Krivoy Rog (69 UAH/330 ml) 
  • bottles beer has four types "Zhiguli", "S Andrew's ale", white beer Hopfen and dark export beer (39 UAH/440 ml).
Author's tinctures: 
  • sandthorn and hrenovuha (32 UAH)
  • raspberry with apple and mint, chocolate cherry, Scotch on quince, gin on currants (45 UAH each). 
There are also good wine selection and cocktails. 

My experience

Time to share my personal experience of dining in "Lyubchyk"!  We there were three of us and we came there a bit hungry ;-) Administrator has already reserved a table for us, as these days "Lyubchyk" got many visitors, which is great!
A typical dining of all Dima Borisov restaurants start with serving water, which if useful to start your meal of. A while after we ordered beer to follow with crayfish. And then the story began....

We were first served with Odessa appetizers, which means several separated dishes with different taste each!

Odessa appetizers!
You may see from the pictures, the appetizers consist of 9 small dishes with specific tastes, which are great supplement for the main dish — a full cauldron of crayfish! So yummy! Even if you might think that it won't be enough for 3 people, I can personally tell that we even didn't finish them all ;)

A cauldron of crayfish
Nice to see that crayfish is served with lemon to saturate the taste. And it also contains some of dill, which makes the dish fresh.

It actually took us around 2 hours to spend for a full dinner. And it was great! You will love the music in the restaurant and attentive waiters who are fast in customer service. So I would really recommend "Lyubchyk" for you to get known with another part of Ukrainian cuisine, which is more cosy and homely., and of course sea. The atmosphere makes you feel lovely and predisposed for friendly talks about everything ....;-) 

Check some other atmospheric pics taken on my camera :-)

Its bar with a variety of tinctures, wine, beer etc...
Сelibatarian's set :)
Trying to find appropriate english translation: Darling, I wish you got everything you want, but nothing on the way of achieving it :)
This is our company ;)


Adress: Vozdvyzhens'ka Street, 10Б, Kyiv
Working hours: from 10 a.m. — till 10 p.m.
Official website (with 3D tour option): http://borisov.com.ua/uk/lyubchyk
Email: maria.buket.pr@gmail.com
Phone: +380 050 390 6131