Cost of living in Kyiv in 2016!

Ukrainian Travel Blog decided to summarize the total cost of living in the capital city of Ukraine for the past 2016! It is well-know that Ukraine belongs to one of the cheapest countries in the world according to the total amount of life expenses a month. Let's figure it out!
Ukraine was recognized as the country with the "easy" cost of living for foreigners. Ukraine took first place in the cost of access to residence for foreigners in the ranking Expat Insider 2016. Rating, compiled by experts InterNations - is the biggest community of people living and working abroad, based on a survey of more than 14 thousand people, representing 174 nationalities and 191 countries.

This is the average expanses of life in Kyiv in 2016

Total monthly budget: 12 050 UAH ~430$/month.

Rent: 6000 UAH (1-room apartment near metro) ~ 214$/month 
Transportation: 500 UAH ~18$/month
Electricity: 200 UAH ~7$/month
Water: 150 UAH ~5$/month
Telephone / Internet / Cable TV: 200 UAH ~7$/month
Entertainment: 1500 UAH ~53$/month
Groceries: 3500 UAH ~125$/month


What to choose: a hotel, apartment or hostel? In general accommodation in Kiev will start from 100 UAH per day — 4$ — (hostel). Well, almost indefinitely. The cheapest options - private hotels and hostels, the most expensive rooms in the "star" hotels are estimated to 18 000 UAH per day.

Prices for apartments start from 3500 UAH per month, or 350 UAH per day (usually from 500 UAH), the room can be rented from 1600 UAH per month.


How much are you willing to spend on lunch or dinner, it depends only on you, everyone has their own prices and inquiries. In principle, the average bill in a cafe is about 200 UAH per person — 8$. Well, you can reach up to 700 UAH per person.

If you are going to buy food and cook yourself, then price goes like this: potato 5,50 UAH/kg, onions - 12 UAH/kg, ten eggs - from 19 UAH, pork 70-80 UAH/kg beef - 80-90 UAH/kg chicken - 40 UAH/kg, 200g butter - from 20 UAH. And in supermarkets food prices are significantly below market.


In principle, the transport system in Ukraine is enough simple. Each trip is paid separately - can be in the transport directly in the driver or the conductor, you can buy tickets at kiosks at stops, or a special card, which is replenished through the machine for any amount.

Rates in the taxi are different - each has its own route. Metro is paid with tockens, credit card or special monthly metro card. Prices are as follows: Metro - 4 UAH, taxis from 4 UAH/km, municipal transport (trolley buses, trams, buses) - 3 UAH.


Local companies offer a wide range of bus tours. During one trip you see everything, but at least some important places possible. The shortest tour for 2 hours for a small group (2-3 people) will cost at least 1500 UAH. Accordingly, the larger the group and the longer tour, the higher will be the cost (up to 5000 UAH).
For example, Ukrainian Travel Blog offers 3-hour tour of the most interesting places in Kyiv for 20$.

Museums and galleries

The most interesting are the National Museum of History of Ukraine, the Central Museum of Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Museum of Water, National Aviation Museum, Museum of the Great Patriotic War. One of interesting in beekeeping museum, which we have previously described in this article. Another pearl of Ukrainian modern heritage is a Museum of Corruption, which was out ex-president's house in the part. We have also written about it here. And to sum up you may at last check our article about 8 most interesting museums in Kyiv.

The average entrance for adults - 20 UAH, for children a little cheaper, for an additional fee you can book a tour.


In Kiev, life abounds both day and night. There are many places where you can have a great time and enjoy yourself. Prices for entertainment around the following: bowling - 100-250 UAH/hour, billiards - 40-100 UAH/hour, the film - about 70 UAH per session.

Entrance fees to night clubs can be different depending on the institution and program, or to be included in the price of food and drinks. Normally entry tickets is around 200 UAH per person. Nightlife in Kyiv is very interesting and crazy in some way. We have previously described the best activities to do in Kyiv at night here.

Prices are indicated for December 2016.