Ski resorts in Kyiv: skiing and snowboarding in winter 2017!

Snowy winter - it's not the time to sit in front of TV. It's time to get dusty snowboard, and if your vacation is far, but you have a strong desire to ride, nothing prevents to have fun with friends on snow-covered slopes of the capital city Kyiv. For those who wish to save some money or ready to urban extreme - we provide a list of wild places for skiing.

Protasov Yar

Ski sports complex located in the center of Kyiv, so it is easily accessed from anywhere in the city. For lovers of open ride there are 4 tracks: 150 meters for children; 275 meters for beginners; 500 meters and 320 meters for practicing professionals and riders. There are 2 rope tows: Single for the track 275 meters long, and double for 320 meters track. There is a restaurant.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday there is night skiing (between 22:30 and 4:00, etc.), follow the schedule. The cost of a night ski pass - 250 UAH; 2:00 - 130 UAH; without lift - 50 UAH. 

Scheme of tracks

Hours: daily from 10:00 until 22:00 (Monday - from 14:00, from Saturday to Sunday - night skiing)
Address: Protasov Yar, 23a
How to get there: from the metro station "Palats Sportu" take a trolleybus №40
Prices: Entrance 25 UAH; lift - 10/20 UAH per 1 lift; ski rentals, snowboards, poles, clothes - from 200 to 250 UAH for 3-4 hours
Contacts:; 044 338 26 82


Hill with impressive views of the Kyiv Sea is a 20-minute drive from Kiev. Length of the route - 200 meters, there is a conveyor lift for skiers and snowboarders, as well as one for snowtubing. After skiing you can eat in the cafe. There is night skiing (from 23:00 4:00 etc.), follow the schedule. The cost of a night ski pass - 250 UAH; rental ski or snowboard set - 250 UAH/night.

Additional activity: Snow tubing (which is a kind of inflatable sledge), the cost is 250 UAH for 2 hours (this includes rent of tube and use of the lift). There is a ski school for children and beginners.
Hours: daily from 10:00 until 22:00 (Monday from 16:00)
Address: Vyshgorod, st. Vatutina, 102
How to get there: from the metro station "Heroiv Dnipra" bus №397 to the bus stop calles "Apteka №1" (or Pharmacy №1) to the terminus complex "Vyshgora"; from ​​Taras Shevchenko plosha (square): bus №398 (Kyiv) - to the bus stop "Apteka №1" Pharmacy; №1 - to "Vyshgora" terminus complex. Bus Schedule and Map
  • free entrance; 
  • 1 lift - 30 UAH; 
  • 2 hours - 200 UAH, from 10.00 till 16.00 - 250 UAH, from 16.00 till 22.00 - 300 UAH
  • ski rentals, snowboards, poles, clothing - 100 to 120 UAH/hour; 
  • ski-passes from 80 to 150 UAH.
Contacts:; 099 280 55 05

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Holosiivo hill

A year ago Goloseyevsky park was equipped with a good hill for skiing, convenient for teaching children and adults. But this year, the complex has not been opened, the slide is overgrown with weeds.

That's what the people of Kiev wrote:
"Lifts are not working. No ski renrals, no lighting on the territory of the ski resort, gates are closed and there is a sign "Entry denied". Close to the ski base and there is a snowtube rental 100 meters hil",  - said a resident of Kyiv Dmitri.

"So it was good last year, despite of some disruptions with lift, but still cool. It was good alternative to Protasov Yar. The child was delighted. We wanted to visit this weekend, but it's a pity....", - says Natalya Mazur.

Wild places

Bald mountain

The mystical place boasts its slides and slopes and suit all tastes. You can ride here, both on a sled and skiing as well as snowboarding. We have previously mentioned this place in this article of UTB.

Bald Mountain is suitable for skiing, sledding and snowboarding


There are almost no hills, but there are ski trails and a beautiful view of the snow-covered forest and the city.

Landscape alley

Hills and slopes of Landscape Alley attract the most daring adventurers of Kyiv. Some articles earlier we have described Landscape Alley as one of the most fabulous place in Kiev.  So you can enjoy your time there not only in summer, but in winter as well.

The park complex next to the Motherland

On the territory of the Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II, you can take a walk on skis and descents on the slopes.

Note: Skiing and snowboarding in wild areas does not imply rentals points nearby. You have to take care of it by your own!