30 brightest events of February in Kyiv

It would be nice to make the coldest month of the year as one of the hottest and hold it like a real party-goers. Especially in February, we will have plenty of cool events and big concerts. UTB made a selection of them, so enjoy!

Architects band Concert

The musical year starts with a concert that will delight especially fans of heavy music. Concert in Kyiv will be played by British metalcore band Architects. Their career began at rockers very young age. By 2017 they had managed to acquire six albums and a couple of hundreds of fans. One of their songs are "Bring Me The Horizon", "Sikth", "The Chariot", "Johnny Truant", "Napalm Death" and "Beecher".
When: 1st of February, beginning at 20:00
Where: Stereo Plaza
How much: 970-1700 UAH, buy tickets here

British theater in the movie "Amadeus" (Live)

The court composer Antonio Salieri acquainted with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the young genius who came to conquer Vienna. Salieri was delighted by the composer's talent and stellar manners of Mozart. And in his hands the power is concentrated, which may either raise young composer, or completely destroy him.

When: 2nd of February, beginning at 21:00
Where: Multiplex Lavina Mall
How much: specify the value

Acoustic concert of Alina Orlova

Alina brings a program to Kyiv that is perfectly suited for the weather outside. The concert will be acoustic, the hall will be installed with soft poufs and chairs, candles will be placed near the stage.

When: February 3, beginning at 20:00
Where: Atlas
How much: 350-750 UAH, buy tickets here

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The concert of Andrei Makarevich and "Your 5"

At this time the leader of the band "Time Machine" will visit Kyiv with his famous jazz project "Your 5". The program of famous hits from the repertoire of "The Time Machine", some songs are solo project of Andrei Makarevich and jazz standards. The program "Your 5" was successfully presented in Scandinavia, Switzerland, Spain and Germany.

When: 3 February, 19:00
Where: Docker pub
How much: 990-1790 UAH, buy tickets here

The national selection "Eurovision-2017"

Last year, the idea of choosing the participant throughout the country turned into a victory of Jamala. At the same time we are convinced that this event can be exciting, vibrant and great. This year the organizers promise no less hot fight for the right to represent Ukraine at the "Eurovision-2017". Do not miss the concert selections with live music and a real show.

When: 4, 11, 18 and 25 February, starting at 18:00
How much: 170-890 UAH, buy tickets here

Night at the Movies: The best films of "Oscar"

Every true movie lover should not sleep at least a few nights a month for your favorite movies. So traditionally, these nights are held in the Cyferblat. At this time, on the eve of "Oscar-2017" it is offer ed here to recall the best films of the last year's prize. Program: "Survivor," "Martian", "Mad Max."

When: February 4, starting at 23:00
Where: Cyferblat
How much: 90 UAH

Jazz Evening: Jazz do it

Jazz performed live - what you need right in the middle of the week. You can not only listen to good music, but also attend to be present at jam sessions.

When: February 8th, beginning at 20:00
How much: first hour - 42 UAH, every next - 30 UAH;. students of the Conservatory and the School of Glier (if student ID) - each next hour for 18 UAH.

Lecture: Trendy art. What is going on?

If you are completely confused in contemporary art, be sure to visit this lecture. Then you can become a connoisseur to go to any fashion show. You will answer all questions related to art - where it all came from what is now fashionable and why it is so expensive.

When: February 8th, beginning at 19:30
How much: Pay as much as you

Mikhail Vrubel: Mystery and painting (recital)

Come on recital devoted to the artist Mikhail Vrubel. You will view documentaries and art videos. As well as a discussion of the individuality of this artist, and his creative and romantic quest with interesting experts.

When: February 9th, 19:00
How much: 75-100 UAH, buy tickets here

Warhaus Concert

Many of us are waiting for the Belgian indie pop rockers Balthazar to return to Kyiv - so captivated were the people of Kiev by their concert six months ago. And the first vocalist Maarten Devoldere will return to Ukraine. In the capital, he will bring a solo Warhaus project. In this music different styles and emotions, melancholic composition and dynamics, retro style of the 60s and ultra sound are mixed.

When: February 9th, 19:00
How much: 420 UAH, buy tickets here

Presentation of Serhiy Zhadan audio book

February 9 "Knights Templar" audiobook will be presented. Poems from the book, which has become one of the major literary events of 2016, will be read by Sergey Zhadan, Sergei Mikhalok, Ostap Stupka, Alexei Gorbunov, Fozzy, Irena Karpa, Sashko Polozhynsky, Jaroslav Lodygin, Porridge Saltsova, Dmitry Yaroshenko, Angelica Rudnitskaya Taras Chubay. The book will go on e-sale in February, and later a special edition for the special judges - on vinyl will be released.

When: February 9th, 19:00

Party "Volodya"

The name of the party appeared thanks to the creativity of the Kyiv street art artist Vladimir Vorotneva, in whose honor the event was named  by organizers. Two rooms, filled with electronic music. In the first play: Bichkraft, Selbram, Bryozone, Wulffius, Nikolaienko. In the second: Inga Mauer, Sasha Zlykh.

When: February 10, beginning at 23:00
Where: Plivka, street Vasylkivska, 1
How much: 150 UAH

Exhibition "Education Abroad"

For those who believe that learning is never too late. This year, the exhibition comes with a record number of participants - 60 of rating schools from 10 countries that prepared special offers for visitors, discounts and scholarships. For the first time in the educational exhibition there will be representatives of the Canadian Embassy and the British Council, who will hold thematic seminars and will answer all your questions. The program also includes 10 educational seminars of top universities.

When: February 11-12
How much: free entrance, book invitations here

UA made Fest: Festival of lovers

This is not a trivial market, but a real chance to find a soul mate, and immediately on the spot to buy her a dream gift. For guests of the festival organizers developed a special themed photo zone, lyrical concerts, as well as classic speed dating will be held.

When: February 11-12
Free admission

Bowie Night Concert

For over a year, David Bowie is not with us, but his art is truly forever. February 12 best bands of Ukraine will come together and perform the undying hits of the artist.

When: February 12, beginning at 18:00
Where: Sentrum
How much: 500 UAH, buy tickets here

Concert of Machete

One of the most romantic country groups in the most passionate day for the fans of lyrical songs of. If you do not know where to celebrate Valentine's Day, it seems, we have already solved your problem.

When: February 14, 19:00
Where: Freedom
How much: 1000-4000 UAH, buy tickets here

Concert of Allan Harris

American jazz musician will perform the best jazz songs about love. My Funny Valentine, L.O.V.E, Moody's Mood For Love, You Do not Know What Love and many others. The combination of time-tested tunes, wonderful voice of one of the best singers in New York and intimate atmosphere of a jazz club - this is the perfect recipe for the evening in the St. Valentine's Day!

When: February 14, beginning at 20:00
Where: Sentrum
How much: 300-1000 UAH, buy tickets here

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O.Torvald Concert

Romantic atmosphere for you and your other half will be created by one of the most successful young groups in the country - O.Torvald. All that is required - to come and enjoy. And if you were single on this day, you still come and be sure to fall in love. Not in human, but in music.

When: February 14, 19:00
Where: Atlas
How much: 250-900 UAH, buy tickets here

Street Jazz: Woody Allen

February 14, Valentine's Day, will be guided with songs from the cult films of Woody Allen's jazz-Manush, "Midnight in Paris", "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", "Manhattan" and many others. You will hear the music of Duke Ellington, Django Reinhardt, Benny Goodman, George Gershwin, Frank Sinatra, and even Woody Allen.

When: February 14, beginning at 20:00
Where: Bel etage
How much: 150-450 UAH, buy tickets here

The musical "Notre Dame de Paris"

The legendary musical that hit the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most successful in the history of music. Production takes its deserved place alongside such well-known musicals like "Phantom of the Opera" and "Mamma MIA!", but thanks to the amazing beauty of the French language, goes far ahead of the level of emotional intensity.

When: 14-15 February
How much: 800-1550 UAH, buy tickets here

Concert Lords of the sound: Love story

Special program of symphony orchestra Lords of the Sound, dedicated to the celebration of Valentine's Day. "Love Story" - is the composition of the most famous films in the symphonic treatment. Just this evening on stage 26 musicians, as well as invited guests - Ballet Foresight and Spanish duo Fuel Fandango will perform.

When: February 15, at 17:00 and 20:00
Where: National Opera of Ukraine
How much: 200-1500 UAH, buy tickets here

Concert On-The-Go

Fans of hipsters and trendy music publications, Russian indie artists On-The-Go are back to Kyiv. In the capital On-The-Go are frequent visitors, but the upcoming concert will be special. The musicians have entrusted their fans to  prepare the setlist for this concert because there will be more than enough. hits

When: February 16, beginning at 20:00
Where: Sentrum
How much: 300-550 UAH, buy tickets here

Theatrical performance "Invitation to a Beheading"

The new play "Invitation to a Beheading" of young progressive Kiev theater "Misanthrope" - is another challenge to modern theatrical society. At this time, having decided to move to the scene  of phantasmagoric and paradoxical world of one of the most unusual novels by Vladimir Nabokov, writers and directors dared to finally erase the distinction between dramatic theater, ballet, musical, circus and cabaret show.

When: February 17, 19:00
How much: 50-500 UAH, buy tickets here

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Meeting: That day to meet

Yes, this is a real chance, if you do not find a soul mate, then at least to meet interesting people and to develop your communication skills. Before the start of the main fun, Dan Voronow will lead the mini-lecture with an overview of forms of non-exclusive relationship. And after the lecture to begin the fun part: love themed rounds will be held for 15-20 minutes. Communication will help to clarify the joint expectations of polyamory or other non-exclusive relationship.

When: February 18, beginning at 16:00
Where: Museum of Dreams
How much: 150 UAH

British theater in the movie, "The Tempest"

Prospero's enemies deprived him of power and wealth, and cast him on the island. But Prospero is not an ordinary person, and it is not an ordinary island. He is a magician, able to control the elements. Once the ship sails on the horizon appears, on which a man who betrayed Prospero floats. Then the magician using magic evokes a storm at sea. The ship is sinking, the passengers saved, and in the morning they come to life on a magical island. Performance is shown in English with Ukrainian subtitles.

When: February 21, 19:00
Where: Cinema "Kyiv"
How much: 175 UAH, buy tickets here

DakhaBrakha Concert

Main ethno-chaos group of countries. Musicians, concerts of which are often abroad than in native Ukraine, will make a big solo concert in Kyiv. After enchanting performances "DakhaBrakha" is on the air of the world famous BBC music show - Later with Jools Holland interest in their music in the world and in Ukraine is growing.

When: February 23, beginning at 19:30
Where: ICCC
How much: 290-1250 UAH, buy tickets here

Concert of Armin van Buuren

One of the best Djs of the world will play for the people of Kyiv. Perhaps this will be the biggest disco that you can imagine. Tickets for the concert are dispersed like hotcakes. But still a little left. So do not miss your chance.

When: February 25, beginning at 21:00
Where: IEC
How much: 1199-5999 UAH, buy tickets here

Night in the cinema: About survival in the wild

Traditionally, the night from Saturday to Sunday, all cinema fans carry out in the Cyferblat with cookies, tea, friends and, of course, a magnificent film. This time the collection is made up of three films: "Wild", "127 Hours", "Into the Wild".

When: February 25, beginning at 23:00
How much: 90 UAH

Concert of National Wind Orchestra of Ukraine: Frank Sinatra

The performance of the National Academic Wind Orchestra of Ukraine will represent the best hits of the great Frank Sinatra. The program will consist of two parts and include immortal compositions.

When: February 27 beginning at 19:00
Where: National Philharmonic of Ukraine
How much: 70-350 UAH, buy tickets here

Concert of Bastille

The world-famous British band Bastille for the first time will play in Kiev within the framework of the world tour "Wild, Wild World Tour 2016-2017" in support of the album "Wild World", which was released in September 2016. The team's videos collected more than 300 million views in Youtube. The main hit of Bastille"Pompeii" visited the top of the charts the USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and New Zealand. Over the past three years Bastille played more than 200 live shows across 6 continents and now perhaps in Ukraine.

When: February 28,
Where: Stereo Plaza
How much: 890-1800 UAH, buy tickets here

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