Guide on Bessarabian Market

On the Bessarabian market life runs its way: combs coexist with smoked bacon, red caviar saleswoman try to catch rich fur coats who pass by, vegetarians prepare rolls with tofu that even meat-eaters are running for them. And, of course, local news get into the Facebook feed of the street food lovers. Slightly shabby but very authentic Besarabka, is open to gastrokonfessy, who get along with each other and feed irrespective of skin color, wealth and family ties with Kiev restaurateurs.

Kitchen 13 - the headquarters of the vegetarians in the city center, probably the most crowded and well-known restaurant on Bessarabka. The place will be two years old soon. Fans of food come here to taste classic rolls with pumpkin and tofu, falafel, hummus and green beet burger Green13. So this is another proof that vegan recipes can be both delicious and hearty.

Buterbrod Sumasbrod lives already more than a year on Bessarabian market.  Here you may find rawfoodist banosh with cheese, sausage sandwiches with wheat and vegetables, tabbouleh with sprouted buckwheat, pita bread with vegan toppings, and a large range of home-made desserts: rawfoodist tiramisu on almond milk, sweets on carob, chia, and we have listed only a half. The rest you will try and find out for yourself.

The following residents of the market are accurately called "Mamago". Nikita Ivanov and Edward Kanaryan periodically tear the patterns of street food and marketing. Once a month, the guys arrange campaign "Eat as you can, pay as much as you want". As part of these actions, they prepared a salad with ground, dried chicken and melon, oxtails with chanterelles and moss, a baked potato from condensed milk and wasabi sauce.

On other days you will be cooked something a little more familiar to the taste buds: corporate cow burger, co-co-burger with with beef and chicken cutlet. Or one of the sandwiches: with duck and marmalade from bacon, cheese paneer grilled, or a sandwich with pate of green lentils with oil.

In general, if you want to eat not only tasty, but also interesting, come to the "Mamago". Soon the boys will cook a burger with veal brains and persimmon, so do not take gastro sin per capita and do not miss this!

On the entrance in front of PinchukArtCentre a project of snacks and other stuff "Fry me" has settled for a month ago.  But on Bessarabka they are young and green. "Fry me" fries and urges all to fry. Here you can find the corn dogs: sausages or slices of mozzarella rolled in corn flakes and crispy fries. Served with mustard. Do not be afraid of roast, to be afraid of tasteless. Corn dogs are scrumptious street snack.

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Other Bessarabian place - the corner of the building, that is near Billa supermarket. There were different places open, but they could not put down the roots. And then there appeared sandwiches with oriental sausages, kebabs and falafel Linas Caffe, which was quickly beloved by eaters. And everything is halal.

East cuisine continues to evolve on Bessarabka and especially growing is Noodle Doodle Bar. In Kiev, several doodles, carrying rameny and duck sauce Kung Pao, are opened. Cooking speed, independent inquiry via e-panel, unlimited drinks to save time of visitors.

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