Kyiv smart city concept!

During the last year a term Smart City (intelligent city) was actualized in Kyiv. It is often used in a very abstract sense, almost as a synonym for the phrase "Comfort town", "European city" or even "good city". We will try to describe this process here!

Smart city (intelligent city) - a city where modern technologies are used to improve the quality of life in it. Smart City technology is integrated into the relevant structures to improve the quality of service, reduce cost and consumption and to improve communication and understanding with residents. 

But the giant projects to create new cities from scratch, often in Asia, such as in Egypt and India are often called as smart city. However, none of them is not yet fully realized, but such investment projects are the result of major international agreements - human civilization trying to solve the problems of mass urbanization, the trend of the last century, by joint efforts and resources. However in this article we will focus on information technology, rather than large-scale and ambitious projects of authoritarian states of Asia.

Which sectors and technologies of smart city exist?

So it is clear that intelligent city is a certain set of information and digital technologies that facilitate, reduce the price and make a comfortable living in a modern city with many challenges.

Smart City development can be used in many sectors of city management: transport, and so-called "e-government", energy, healthcare, construction, public life. In each of these areas innovations that optimize the use of resources can be introduced. To create such giants software and hardware industries, such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and others are connected.

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This set of automated and computerized processes leads to improved quality of life in urban areas, without the need for cheap labor, reducing the level of contamination and real-time monitoring of important communication nodes.

In the smart city technology works for the benefit of society and future. Because smart city technologies are related to sustainable development, which aims to manage the future quality of life for future generations.
The best examples of smart city are Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, New York. For example, last year Barcelona topped the rating agency analysis Juniper Research, and received the status of Global Smart City 2015, ahead of New York, London, Nice and Singapore.

In the Catalan capital there is realized a lot of smart-projects - from intelligent sensors and various indicators of free WiFi to the dumpsters, which themselves are announcing the filling level, "smart" parking and stopping, informing about the arrival time of transport. In addition, the city is introduced with «Big Data BI» to analyze the effectiveness of the government.

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What smart city technologies will be introduced in Kiev?

In the Ukrainian capital it created an initiative group Kyiv Smart City, which is responsible for implementation of the following projects:

  • High-quality public services

Effective public service management: energy, water, solid waste and wastewater, use, preservation and processing of renewable energy sources.

  • Innovative environment

Provide special conditions for business and investment, the development of electronic forms of education and involvement of citizens and businesses in the sphere of urban innovation.

  • E-government

Kyiv is democratic city whose residents require active participation and involvement in city management, the definition of strategies of development, transparency and control over city politics.

  • Innovative transport

The use of modern technology for quality changes in the transport sector.

  • Medicine

The use of technology for security, rapid response to emergency calls, timely responses to Kiev.

The concept is designed to make Kyiv as a smart city along with the most advanced cities in Europe!