Best bars in the center of Kyiv!

Bars in the center of Kyiv — favorite places where the youth likes to rest. UTB invites you to look through the best bars to hang out or just to have a bottle of nice beer with friends. 

Mozgi Bar & Shop

This place is the brainchild of the famous Ukrainian showman Potap (Potapenko, Alexei) and his team. "Mozgi Bar & Shop" is not an ordinary bar with a drink, but a feature-rich platform for entertainment and fun. You can dress up and put on shoes and "hang out". This place unites: shop clothes with brand logos, developed by a team of creatives Mozgi; gastronomy cocktail bar with bulky counter how here like to say, — "the source of good mood for the whole evening"; meat restaurant, where even the fish dishes are called "meat" of the seas; pre-party area, transforming the evening into a dance floor where you can "dance" under the tracks fashionable DJs. It even has its own recording Studio.


This is a lovely, homely mono-establishment that brews one of the best mulled wine in Kyiv. The menu is in the Ukrainian language with Galician dialect, cuisine with a German accent. In "Mulled wine" you can find "a traditional mountain drink of happiness", which is brewed exclusively on the basis of red wine. Drinks are served in special ceramic "kohlico" (cups) — classic and tangerine (52 UAH/ 55 UAH) and for particularly spoiled guests the menu includes Coffee mulled wine/ 60 UAH. If you come, be sure to take the "Mr. Copper" or the classic tangerine mulled wine, with a volume of 1250 ml (205 UAH/ 220 UAH). As snacks UTB recommends to pay attention to the traditional Transcarpathian banosh with cheese and herbs / 60 UAH or snack on the Bavarian butcher (baked potatoes, assorted sausages, special sauce and freshly baked baguette) / UAH 129. And if you looked in the "Glintwein" in the morning, take the opportunity to have for breakfast poached eggs with bacon/ 89 UAH or homemade pancakes with sour cream and jam/ 72 UAH (offer valid from 10:00 to 13:00) and drink homemade ginger tea with rosemary/ 40 UAH.

Loft Bar

"Loft Bar" — a spacious place with special hookahs and classic cocktails. A nice bonus – beautiful views of the heart of Kiev from the panoramic windows. "Loft Bar" is the complete opposite of the stereotypical hookah in a smoke-filled basements. The interior is made in hipster loft style: harmonic combination of aged brick walls, protruding ventilation systems with modern technology and lighting. The main focus is on the hookah card. The menu includes more than 10 types with various bowls and flasks, all with German registration. You can also order a hookah in the bowl of fruit and even cactus. You can experiment with tobacco, there are more than 150 species here, both classical and author's. The bar menu offers the most popular cocktail mixes in the author's development of the famous Kiev mixologist Cyril Tumarkina.

The Wood Bar

"The Wood Bar" is divided into 5 rooms. The two upper are perfect for a daytime get-togethers over a Cup of coffee (from 20 UAH) or lunch with fishburgers (salmon, cream cheese, Tartar sauce, served with potato salad/ 95 UAH). The third room has a bar, where you can alone drink, cocktail and move to the spacious lounge with wide tables for games and gatherings for a large company (the fourth hall). It features a lamp that creates an atmosphere of a fairy forest with glowing stumps tables. The fifth room is a VIP-zone with X-Box and a plasma screen. The cocktails are author's with the basis of a light, refreshing drink. Our team brightened the evening with a cocktail "Gregory House" (caramel syrup, cinnamon, whiskey, lime, orange/75 UAH) and "milky way" (gin, Amaretto, pineapple juice, Apple, strawberry/ 70 UAH). Will definitely return for a cocktail "Evdokia" (tequila, Apple juice, sprite, honey, lime/ 80 UAH).

I'll Be Late

"I will Later" is an atmospheric insider point, without signs and flashy advertising. Here everything is simple, from the interior to the menu. A little black leaf contains cocktail and something to eat. White brick walls, high ceilings (thanks to an old house, 1939), wide black sofas and pallets wax candles feature for evening gatherings with a glass. Cocktail recipes owners "Will be Late" collected worldwide during travels. By the way, in addition to alcoholic mixes, the restaurant serves delicious Oriental coffee (approximately 30 UAH) but it is still a rarity in Kiev.