Coffee shops in Kyiv: TOP of best pleaces to drink coffee

Coffee shops of Kyiv, where in addition to delicious cup of coffee, you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, tune in to the working wave and cheer before labor day. They are crowded in the morning by sleepy office staff who wish to cheer up before a working day and in the evening there are big companies of friends. UTB offers our guide to coffee houses in Kiev.

Fandom Coffee Bar

 Fandom Coffee Bar — coffee and cocktail establishment on the Volodymyrska street. The place is located opposite to the Opera house, which is a good reason to visit the place for a coffee or a cocktail before the show at the Opera. The correct start and end to a perfect evening of Opera at the Fandom Coffee Bar – is a pledge of good memories. We recommend you to try the French toast in powdered sugar with fresh fruit for Breakfast — granola, pancakes or toast, eggs Benedict or a salad for lunch — cream of pea soup, hummus, and for dessert, macaroons. 60% of meals are suitable for vegetarians.
Address: Volodymyrska street, 47, Kiev, 02000
Phone: 063 380 2722
Opening hours: 08 a.m. – 02 a.m.


Fine — is a place, which was opened by people who are passionate about coffee. There is a school in the Shevchenko lane, near the metro station Independence square. In the framework of the project, Katerina and Anna Makhnovskii created a clothing brand NUANCES, indoor showroom which blends with the coffee space Fine. The showroom is filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from FINE space with stylish understated interiors and a lovely tea ware. Schedule of the showroom coincides with the hours of the coffee bar, which allows you to shop and drink coffee at the same time. Alexander Slavinsky, co-owner of the coffee shop Fine and the husband of Catherine, for many years was also connected with a coffee element, roasting coffee beans under the brand Jesus Coffee, opened the coffee shop, BIG CUP.
Address: Prov. Taras Shevchenko, 8B, Kiev,02000 (Shevchenko lane, 8B)
Opening hours: 09 a.m. – 10 p.m.


BIG CUP – coffee shop in Kiev located on Velyka Zhytomyrska street, which is hard to miss thanks to the bright exterior. The entrance is painted in yellow, which attracts the attention of all passing by. Color contrast dilutes the colour scheme of the street. As noted earlier, the project was designed by Alexander Slawinski. In March of this year, project BIG CUP was two years old. The coffee shop is small, in general, more suitable for takeaway format, but, nevertheless, there are quite a lot of regular visitors who tasted the real taste of proper coffee beverage.
Address: Velyka Zhytomyrska street 29, Kiev, 02000

1900 Coffee Point

1900 Coffee Point – is a coffee shop on the street Saskaganskogo, founded by friends who decided to create their own coffee shop with right coffee. The idea was to create high-quality, affordable, stylish coffee shop. Here are all the dreams of every guest in any coffee shop. We recommend you to try coffee with a taste of the famous Kiev cake, cocoa mats and dessert "Strawberry-Basil", éclairs, sandwiches and pies, caramel nut cake, macaroons, Latte, Bubble-gum, Ice-Lattе. Brewed coffee from Coffee original blend door Brewbar&Coffee shop, which is made from four varieties of Arabica premium selection — Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia.
Address: Saksaganskogo street, 112A, Kiev, 02000
Phone: 099 309 1900
Opening hours: 08 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Yellow Place

Yellow Place – the capital's coffee shop, which is located at Mechnikova street near the metro station Klovska. This place is about coffee and not only. Here you can find all the delicious grain and professional equipment, coffee roasting by Ralf from The Barn in Berlin, and at the Yellow Place, oddly enough, it is cooked on a yellow La Marzocco. In order to prepare for you a unique coffee, the these guys visited 20 coffee houses of Berlin and now serve the best of the best coffee to Kiev.
Address: street Mechnikova, 9A, Kiev, 02000
Opening hours: 09 a.m. – 7 p.m.

The soul cocktail-espresso bar

Soul cocktail–espresso bar, the brainchild of owner Dmitry Smirnov, harmoniously combining family heirlooms, murals, cocktails, coffee and, according to rumors, the best pancakes for breakfast in the city. The interior is very stylish, has a family chair that once belonged to the great-grandmother of Dimitri, and after the restoration perfectly fit into the interior. By day this is a place with a beautiful coffee card, and in the evening it's a trendy cocktail bar in the capital. If you came here in the morning, we recommend you to try the cheesecakes, which we have noted as a must try "Soul cocktail-espresso bar"; eggs Benedict, a dish that ranks second place in the ranking of favorite visitors' Breakfast.
Address: street Lva Tolstogo, 39, Kiev
Opening hours: 09 a.m. – 02 a.m.