How does the scene of the Eurovision song contest 2017 look like?

The construction of the main arena of the Eurovision-2017 is fully completed! The whole structure of the scene is almost solid screen, even the floor. There is a lot of light that enough to make a large energy-independent village. And the length of the cables involved in the process, is enough to drop them from Kyiv to Cherkassy - which is more than 180 kilometers. 

The height of the stage for Eurovision 2017 is 14 meters, width – 70, and the depth is 28. Area for performances – 350 square meters. And it weighs almost 30 tons. An incredible combination of led screens, projectors, and managed devices. And camera will fall and rise in the center of this design that will allow you to get the top view.

German designer Florian Wieder, who had planned the scene, explained that it will symbolize Ukraine as the center of Europe. It was therefore a selected form of the circle. Florian was the designer of the three scenes for the international song contests, his portfolio includes scenes of the Eurovision song contest in Dusseldorf in 2011, in Baku in 2012 and in Vienna in 2015, and projects like the talent show "X-Factor" in the UK and USA and MTV Video Music Awards. 

In addition to the main arena, where the stage is located, you are welcome to watch the incredible show just the sky in the Euro-Village. Territory of downtown – Khreschatyk, from the street Prorizna to the street Bohdan Khmelnytsky, will become the official fan zone of the Eurovision song contest.

It will have a huge screen. All the stars in almost all countries will perform on this stage there at the screen, there will also be country presentations with performers.

Dynamic design includes multiple floors with the media, it will create a unique environment for each statement, allowing each performer to shine in the night. A rehearsal of participants from Iceland, Poland, Moldova and Greece have already performed there. And yesterday was the rehearsal of participants from Australia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Belgium, Georgia, Portugal, Finland, Montenegro and Sweden.