How has the Ukrainian fashion evolved since 1991: exhibition in June in Kyiv

Srarting from June 15, Mystetskyi Arsenal hosts an exhibition "IN PROGRESS. Dress code of Ukraine of Independence". It is devoted to the development of Ukrainian fashion and the social phenomena that influenced it. The historic part of the project is divided into three periods - the landmarks here are 1997 and 2010. 

In total, the exhibition features 40 Ukrainian designers, about 200 models of clothing, a stage outfit of pop stars and art objects of avant-garde fashion: the grim of the 90th and the new generation of designers.
One of the rooms is devoted to the fashion of 90's. It means elegant fashion, which was created by the first Ukrainian "couturier" (because the couturier is the one who is registered in the guild of haute-couture) - people who had a very high profile and worked the same way as ever in the pre-industrial era worked as a couturier in France. At the same time, they were immersed in the context of the furious 90s: in the "new Russian", bazaars, consumer goods, which brought here. The founder of this exhibition really wanted to show this real context, because if we understand and feel it, then these things will be issued even more perfectly.
Creating the first professional week of fashion, "Fashion Seasons" (Ukrainian Fashion Week), was in October 1997. Fashion has ceased to be a spectacle, it has ceased to be a hobby of artists or something of a day off, and became a profession. That is, the fashion has established itself as a corporation. The person taking part in the show must create a collection of at least 30 units, twice a year. That is, there are certain requirements.
The new stage began when a new generation of Ukrainian designers presented themselves publicly. That is, they have physically grown, managed to grow by that time. Their preferences and aesthetic tastes were different from that of "parents". Before that, there was a storm of heavy Ukrainian glamor, but they were anti-gluttural, alternative and they needed their own playground. It was created in 2010 - this is a week of Kyiv Fashion Days, so it was called then.