Summer 2017 in Kyiv: best cocktails to get fresh!

Finally it is summer time in Kiev, and that means it's time for refreshing cocktails! Especially for you we have developed a series of exclusive cocktail bar list, which will help to cope with thirst on a summer day and delight with original flavors!

"Samogon Bar"

Author refreshing cocktail Relax from the "Samogon bar" will invigorate and surprise you with unusual combinations. You can get the drink by telling bartender the magic word "Relax".
It includes mead, cucumber, lemon juice, elderberry syrup and apple juice.
Price: 79 UAH.

"Kitty Twister"

Kitty Twister boasts by its private alcohol which has been specially created and adapted to the format: three kinds of spicy American moonshine Kitty Moonshine, two kinds of beer — Weisse Kitty and Kitty Golden Ale.
For our readers, the bar has prepared a very exotic cocktail. It consists of mashed sea-buckthorn, passion fruit syrup, vodka and orange juice.
Price: 85 UAH.

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"Miami Blues"

Back in 1994 a new place was opened in the capital, which was destined to be a favorite for several generations of Kyivans and guests of the city. An issue of choosing drinks is worth to pay special attention to the wine list and soft drinks.
Also in "Miami Blues" you can spend the evening in the Eastern style: smoke Shisha and drink some cocktails, among them there is our Relax.
It includes orange juice, vanilla syrup, grenadine and coffee.
Price: 100 UAH.

"Magic lamp"

The atmosphere in this restaurant is simply magical: wrought iron chair with plush cushions, oriental rugs, dim lights and melodious music. Here you feel like a hero of fairy tales "1001 nights". Guests can choose from three themed rooms to relax — sofas, wrought-iron or hookah.
And to relax completely, you can still order a cocktail Relax. In the "Magic lamp" it is made from white rum, sugar syrup, fresh lime and egg white.
Price: 75 UAH.

"Amster Damster"

Mental and Sunny place in the democratic spirit of Holland will delight guests with delicious dishes, a relaxed atmosphere and regular promotions. Customers praise a cocktail card of the restaurant, which is famous for its diversity.
Another highlight — Relax cocktail that will refresh and delight by its unique taste. It's all in its ingredients: gin, rosemary, lavender syrup, sugar syrup and lemon juice are mixed and served in a special glass. Top of the drink decorated with a small leaf of cannabis :-).
Price: 80 UAH.

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Sam’s Steak House

It is a place for those who appreciate a good steak, and just want to relax and eat lunch. You can also enjoy smoky hookahs, coffee drinks, classic and home-made teas, lemonades, single malt whiskey, Bourbon, liqueurs, rum, tequila and many other things.
On the bar you can now ask for another drink — Relax. It includes wine Lillet Blanc, tonic, cucumber and mint. So easy and very tasty.
Price: 99 UAH.

Wake Cup Bar

This place has everything that Kyivans love: flavored coffee drinks, desserts, striking views of the Dnipro, tasty breakfasts and hearty dinners, spacious sofas and homemade liqueurs for the rest of the evening in a good company.
And there's our cocktail Relax, which you can order at the bar. It consists of liquor "Malibu", vodka, cranberry juice and pineapple juice. But it is not recommended to drink it on an empty stomach.
Price: 59 UAH.

The restaurant offers not only a nutritious meal or snack, but also serves salads or desserts for breakfast and you can also sit with friends or colleagues with a cocktail in the evening. They are prepared masterfully: you can try a variety of combinations and tastes.
A cocktail Relax is not an exception, and it is now also available in the restaurant. It is made of sparkling wine, liqueur Peach Tree, fruit, mint and soda.
Price: 90 UAH.

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