Bar-crawl along cult places of Kyiv

A lot of new establishments appeared on the Kyiv map. They compete with the unique interiors, the exotic menu, new methods of cooking and original advertising. Despite this, there are places that are not subject to time, whose reputation speaks for itself. We made a small bar-crawl with cult Kyiv places to have a drink. 

Vernissage on Podil

Place on Podil, which managed to become a cult. The Vernissage Bar is the perfect example of a typical "pouring" from the 90s, which managed to preserve its originality.
Piglet has always been a place where youth subculture groups, criminals and local students gathered. Mix the audience from Mogilyanka, Zhitny Market, Bus Station, the neighboring Tatarka and Kurenivka - here's the Saturday evening at Vernisages. Add the dried fish on newspaper, turn on the old song on the machine, and you will be completely immersed in the atmosphere of the place. And the fifth element, which connects here all the rest - a wide selection of Ukrainian bottled beer of small breweries. You will be offered an assortment of dried fish. Apart from beer and cider, there are no other alcoholic beverages. The plate above the bar stands and says: "Vodka is not and will not be."
In the warmer days, the summer playground is filled up and everyone is watching football: philologists, freshmen, punkts from Kontraktova Square, local Podilsky "Retsha", musicians and cyclists.
Behind the main building there is the "dark side" of the place. It is not visible from the street, and only the chosen ones can find a way. In fact, this is another room with several tables, but the menu is significantly different from that of the "Vernissages". This is a place for fans of strong drinks and conversations without a taboo, and for newbies bar-crawl here to go is not recommended.

Address: 17 Konstantinovska Street;
Average check: 35 - 55 UAH


A small cafeteria next to a grocery store at the beginning of the Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard. The institution owes the public a good location. Not far away there are business centers "Parus" and "Gulliver", Soviet giants - Hotel "President" and Sports Palace, state institutions and the Olympic Committee.
The establishment is rather small, there are several sofas and stools, a fridge with syrup, lemonade and food. Of the authentic pieces of the house decorators are only wall clock, questionable fantasy photograph of lovers, an old tape recorder on a separate dedicated shelf for him.
Culinary bugs can be safely left at the entrance. You seem to be in the past on a family feast with a bunch of classic Soviet dishes. Among them there are chill, mashed potatoes, coats, oliviers, various New Year's salads and beetles. In the alcoholic card - a bottled wine worth 11-35 UAH per glass, and a cognac costing 15-62 UAH.

Address: Lesia Ukrainka boulevard, 2, Palace of Sports;
Average check: 30 - 50 UAH

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Babylon Restaurant at the Kino House

If you're a fan of David Lynch, then you remember the Great Nothern hotel in the Twin Peaks series. Immerse yourself in an identical atmosphere of the restaurant "Babylon". This longevity is among other establishments of Kyiv, opened in the late seventies. Originally the restaurant was part of the Cinema House, a venue for banquets, film prime minister and director meetings. Even at the entrance, the head rotates from the elements of a rich interior. The muted warm light from the lanterns creates unique tunnels above the tables, and people can chat with the theta-a-tete. In the aquarium, embedded in a bar, gracefully there is fish. By watching them, it's easy to miss the waiting time on the order. Babylon offers bottled wine for 30-45 UAH per glass, any cognac from one to five stars for 30-80 UAH. This is a rather ascetic menu, but the portions are large.

Address: st. Saksaganskogo 6, m. Palace of Sports;
Average check: 40 - 80 UAH

Cafe "Frolovskoe"

If you did not have the opportunity to dine in the art gallery - welcome to the "Frolovsky" cafe. Located on the corner of the streets of Frolovskaya and Pritysko-Nikolskaya on Podil, the institution found itself on the way of the ordinary Podillyan intellectuals, a hungry student and astonished tourist. Unlike other establishments, "Frolovskoe" is waiting for you even in the morning. Daily breakfast in the form of oatmeal, croutons, egg and tea will cost 30 UAH. Here you can start the day with a glass of cognac (from 15 to 22 UAH per 50 grams), but you can arrange a birthday, a trip to the Podil or even a feast.

Address: st. Frolovskaya 4, Art. M. Kontraktova Ploshcha;
Average check: 30-50 UAH

"Black Captain"

The institution on the street Velyka Zhytomyrskaya under the name "Black Captain" or "Black Knight" dates back to 2000. Then there opened the salon shop "Ai-Petri", where guests are offered Crimean cognac or foreign cigars. After the crisis, the 2008 owners decided to change the concept. Since then, the popularity of the institution has grown, and the audience has expanded. Among the permanent visitors to the "Captain" are civil servants, students and teachers of nearby universities (NAOMA, Karpenko-Kary University).
The favorites of the alcoholic card of "Captain" are bottled wine, tinctures, cognac. Heavy shelves with elite alcohol are dust and wait for a wealthy foreigner to drink. In the fridge near the counter there are snacks, cheeses, sandwiches and canned goods. Prices for bottled wine are about 13-25 UAH per glass, all the harder - from 25 UAH.

Address: st. Velyka Zhytomyrska 13, Golden Gate;
Average check: 25-50 UAH

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Bar "Borsch"

A small bar in the corner of the bus station attracts customers with democratic prices. A woman behind the counter cautiously asks for what we photograph and who we are looking for. In "Borsch" law enforcement officers often visit in search of suspicious personnel. But there we found only calm, provincial romance and ascetic menu.
Address: st. Simona Petliura, Bus station, Vokzalnaya;
Average check: 10 - 30 UAH