Where to go in Ukraine in August?

August is the height of the holiday season, and therefore the question of where to spend it, is still relevant. UTB has collected the best ideas for those who decided to have a rest of this summer in Ukraine.

1. Recreation by the sea

It's hard to imagine a summer holiday without the sea. And in Ukraine with this complete order: Black and Azov at your service!

For lovers of outdoor activities and entertainment it is better to go to Odessa. Beaches are for every taste (for young people - "Arcadia" with chic night clubs, for a more relaxing holiday - "Otrada" and "Lanzheron") and the most beautiful city with a huge port, the famous Deribasovskaya, Primorsky Boulevard, Potemkin Stairs and the picturesque market "Privoz". It is necessary to everyone's liking. In search of thrills you can go down to the ground - in the Odessa catacombs (though, it is better to do this with a guide).
Soak up by the sea you can in the village of Koblevo (Mykolayiv region) - there are many mini-hotels and private boarding houses where you can find accommodation for yourself, based on the budget. You can go here as solo tourists and young people (in the Moldavian zone), and vacationers with children (Mykolaiv region). And at the same time you can combine useful with a pleasant and arrange a degustation tour for a local winery.
So, if you are looking for where to go to rest in Ukraine, then there are plenty of good places - both for lovers of quiet rest and for party people.
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2. Outdoor recreation

Ukraine is not alone rich in the sea. For example, the Buk canyon that in the village of Buki (Cherkassy region), on the Gorny Tikich river, is an excellent option for outdoor recreation. Sheer cliffs, picturesque nature and a real waterfall give this place a special "wild" color.
Buk Canyon
For unforgettable impressions and beauties of native nature it is worth to go to Volyn. The local Shatskie lakes are part of the Shatsk National Nature Park, and the largest of the 30 lakes, Svityaz, is famous not only for its crystal clear water, but also for the fabulous beauty of sunsets. There are four recreation zones on the Shatskie lakes: "Ridge" (for youth) and "Svityaz", the tract "Gushov" and "Pesochnoe" (for those who like relaxing).
Lake Synevyr
Another unbeatable option is Lake Sinevir in Transcarpathia. Very deep and clean, with steep slopes, covered with juniper and beech, surrounded by springs, in August the lake will be an excellent option for recreation, especially since this month in this place is full of mushrooms and berries.

3. Rest with children

In case you are planning to go on vacation not alone, but with your family, the Azov Sea coast will perfectly suit: the coastline here has a gentle entrance to the water, the sea is shallow, quickly warms up and remains warm for a long time, and the wide sandy beaches and the proximity of the steppes and Limans with therapeutic mud make the coast an excellent option for a family holiday.

It is worthwhile to look closely at Kirillovka and Fedotova Kos, where there are many entertainments. For adults - clubs and discos, for children - water park and dolphinarium, equestrian theater, attractions and children's parks. A good option is Berdyansk, Genichesk, the brace of Arabatskaya Strelka, Primorsk and Primorsky Posad - because of the safe sea, as well as acceptable prices.
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4. Extreme

Well, if a lazy lying on the beach is not included in your plans, you can add a little adrenaline, for example, rafting along the Southern Bug.
Rafting on the Southern Bug
In the area of ​​the village of Migeia (Mykolaiv region) there is a regional landscape park "Granite-Steppe Pobuzhye" - a real mountainous land among the steppes, with rough rapids for rafting. It suits beginner extremals: unlike the mountain Carpathian rivers, the water here is warm, there are routes of varying complexity (some even take children from 6 years old accompanied by adults).
Do not forget about the Carpathians and the highest point in Ukraine - Mount Hoverla. The easiest climb is from the side of the village of Lazeshchina, the length of the route is 16 km, the ascent - 1350 m. It will not be boring, it's for sure!

5. Cognitive rest

Where to go in Ukraine to those who are attracted to neither the beaches nor the rugged mountain rivers? In this case, we advise you to arrange a cognitive vacation and visit the most interesting historical places of Ukraine.
The town of Belgorod-Dnistrovsky, which is near Odessa, should be on your list, because it is here that the famous Akkermanskaya fortress of the XII-XV centuries is located.
Belgorod-Dniester fortress
In the Mykolayiv region, in Ochakivsky district, there is another noteworthy place, which few know about - Kinburn spit and the National Natural Park "Beloberezhye Svyatoslav". Snow-white sandy beaches, coniferous forests and steppes make these places ideal for recreation, and the rich fauna (pink flamingos, white herons, pelicans) will present unforgettable moments from communication with wildlife.

6. Holidays in the mountains

Of course, we must not forget about the Carpathians, because this is just a paradise for summer holidays. Everyone who is tired of the city, people and eternal fuss, will find here the peace and tranquility, and will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature.
If you want to combine a quiet vacation in nature with entertainment, we suggest that you pay attention to Bukovel. From a ski resort it has turned into an excellent place to relax all year round, because in summer there is offered almost an even greater choice of entertainment than in the winter: from parties, concerts, SPA and team activities to quad bikes, horseback riding, biking, fishing and many others. Options for leisure - you will not be bored here for sure. Moreover, at any time you can go for a walk in the mountains, if you want peace and quiet.
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If you have enough entertainment and activities in the city, and in the Carpathians, you are going absolutely behind other impressions, then we advise you to pay attention to recreation centers or renting houses in the private sector.
There are good recreation centers in Slavske, Vorokhta, Yaremche, Skhodnitsa, Yasinya, Migovo and other places of rest - here one can count on good service, because the bases, in general, value their reputation and are interested in making the clients permanent guests of these places . Also in any town (Tatariv, Kosovo, Mezhgore, etc.), you can rent a house or a room and enjoy all the delights of the Carpathian life. Wooden houses, fresh air and mountain landscapes, homemade milk and local cuisine, cows and goats that graze nearby - this is the atmosphere where so many tourists come.