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Dear friends, tourists and those who are willing to come to Ukraine!
I would pleasantly offer you my tourist services. The idea of this blog is to promote the beauty of Ukraine to other people. But I suppose that reading and watching picturesque photos will inspire you to come here one day:)

Basic tour package

I would like to be your guide in the capital city of Ukraine - Kiev - and try to make your time here the most interesting in your life.
The package of a 3-hour tour offered includes:

  • showing you all the most important places located in the city center like:

  • introducing you the historical background of locations, monuments and spots like:

  • taking you to the most traditional Ukrainian restaurants, cafes and eateries to try our traditional food

  • making you try typically Ukrainian activities (riding funicular, visiting caves in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, museums) 

At the end of our tour you will get a cosy gift from me to keep these memories in your heart!


The total cost of 3-hour tour is 20$. (The price is fixed and does not depend on the quantity of people involved in the tour). 
*By paying only 20$ you will get a full package of my services described in this article!
No additional payments foreseen (except of your own wishes to buy some goods or services).

Additional services:

(Arranging about tickets, accommodation, getting to the place, food is on my behalf)

P.S. I am opened to arrange about all your preferred details in a tour according to your wish to see some places which are not included in my package. 
Fee for additional services we discuss individually. 

Before coming here you should know:

Some useful tips to make your trip better:

Legal advice

In case you have some issues concerning:
  • Ukrainian law 
  • A legal advice in jurisprudence field 
  • Legal regulation of economic activity
  • Business Law
Contact directly my business partner:

Who am I? Why should you trust me?

I am Marina Vlasenko. I love traveling abroad to other countries and I love more inviting people to come here and show the beauty of my country. This is my hobby and I want to make it as my lifestyle. It's not about business and money, but rather about helping people and enriching their mind with skills I've obtained for now. I am very friendly and joyful and I have some knowledge of Kiev's history and not only Kiev's.
I promise to make your time in Ukraine one of the best in your life and I am going to do this by:
  • making not ordinary excursion like the travel agency gonna make, but focusing on the personal approach to each client 
  • in our tour we won't have rules or restrictions. I want you to consider me not like your guide or somebody to follow, but rather your friend who knows the city and its features
  • anytime you need to get rest or want to see other things around - just tell me. We don't have a tight schedule. 

Contact me to book your tour
+380635926108 (Viber, what's up)

*Or you can directly contact me via social network

Payment details

I accept 4 ways of payment:

  1. By cash (in USD, EUR)
  2. On my credit card (in USD, EUR)
  3. Paypal
  4. Other (discuss individually)

Some of my photos:

 Christmas time in Kiev with street food, traders and festivals 
Having fun in Dubai
Mountain time. In the Caprathians
My and my mother together in the mountains
Riding a trolley above the Dnieper!
3 mins of unbelievable speed and look around:)
Trying to catch the air in tea estates of Sri Lanka

P.S. Check the articles of my blog which is aimed to help you make the choice of wanted places to visit. 

Ukrainian Travel Blog welcomes you here!

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